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Soil, fertilizer and natural insecticide

bagged earth

Indoor and outdoor

Bagged soil is a convenient and efficient way to grow plants inside or outside the home. They allow you to have a garden even in an apartment or on a small balcony.

bagged fertilizer

Shrimps and sheep

Shrimp and Sheep Bag Fertilizers are natural, organic fertilizers rich in essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. They are an ecological and economical alternative to chemical fertilizers.



Natural insecticides are ecological and non-toxic alternatives for controlling pests in crops and gardens. They are usually made from plants or other natural products such as neem oil, insecticidal soap, and vinegar.

Chrysal Leafshine

Chrysal Leafshine instantly adds a natural shine to plant leaves and cut foliage in floral bouquets.

It removes water spots and calcium deposits and creates a shiny protective layer that prevents dust from settling.
Water evaporation is reduced, extending the life of plants and cut foliage.
This is a ready-to-use spray that dries quickly.

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